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How To Set a Silent Alarm with the Fitbit iPhone App

Updated: 16 Mar 2017 by Daniel Pascariu 1791 views
This guide shows how to set up a silent alarm for your Fitbit tracker (works for Fitbit Force, Flex, One, Charge, Charge HR & Surge) from the Fitbit app for iPhone.

Fitbit app for iPhone can be used on its own to track basic activity and runs, or connected with Fitbit?s line of activity trackers and the Aria Smart Scale to get a complete picture of your daily stats?including steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight, and more.

Setting up a silent alarm is quite useful when you want your Fitbit to gently wake you up or when you need discreet reminders during the day.

You can also click through the interactive guide embedded in this page.

Launch the Fitbit iPhone app

After launching the app select your tracker on the main app dashboard.

In this example select the Fitbit Charge which is connected to your app.

Tap on Silent Alarm

Here you have an overview of the active alarms.

Tap Set a New Alarm

Set the desired time and tap Save. Pretty easy, right.